Heineken – Don’t Open this Email

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Client: Heineken
Office: OgilvyOne Worldwide Barcelona
Work Type: Digital
Campaign date: 2015


At the Heineken group’s Let’s Beer! we wanted to give our entire database a Christmas gift. We sent it to them by email, but it was no ordinary email. This year, we sent some Christmas magic inside their inbox.

The Idea

We sent an email that they had to wait until Christmas to open it… It was programmed so that its content would change if it was opened before the 25th.

Would people be able to wait until the 25th to open it?

Although we made it very clear, many of them could not resist temptation and they opened it. So because they misbehaved, the email gave them … coal!

However, those who were well-behaved and waited until the 25th to open it, in keeping with tradition, found their long-awaited and coveted Christmas present.


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