Every Smile Has Its Moment

CLIENT: Cyprus Airways
OFFICE: Ogilvy Cyprus


Almost two years back the once public and now private owned Cypriot Airline “Cyprus Airways” was re-launched with a (small) digital campaign with the tag line “Some Moments Are Worth Every Distance”. 

During 2017 and 2018 the airline tried to establish itself as a solid Airline in a competitive market. The airline expanded the number of destinations it offered and they needed to introduce a promise for Cyprus, in order to gain more inbound flyers. To help achieve its goals, Ogilvy Cyprus developed the “Smile at every moment” strategy to highlight the end benefit of a visit to Cyprus. And we visualise the “end benefit” (a warm smile) created from slices of life and sites everybody can enjoy in Cyprus.

An online campaign was initially launched in Prague and Germany and a month later, after a successful launch we developed further visuals and online work for Beirut and Greece. Now, the campaign is also on OOH ads in Greece and we are working on the next step.



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