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I have been working in this media industry for the last 5 years with significant recognized in every company and project.

I began my career as a senior media optimization at one of the most well known agency. After only 1 years 6 months, I was promoted to Media Director. During this time I worked with stellar direction, creative development and organization. Apart from this, I have done budgeting, forecasting, cost control responsibility, leading, managing and training the digital marketing team (Including 15 people); building direction to achieve Team KPIs about maximizing profit and minimizing cost by operating where marginal revenue equal marginal costs.

I would love to bring this experience to your company and work in your team. I know I would be a great asset to this position as I have great communication skills and the passion for work required for the media industry.

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Start to discover me more on: http://curriculumvitae.khanhdnb.com/

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